Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Scotch Blue 3m Winners

We have got a lot of winners to announce.

So let's get started!

The winners are!

12. Kathy

16. Cindy @ Creations by violet

Congrats Winner!

All you all need to do is to email me at impatientlypraying at gmail dot com with your mailing address then I will forward it onto Scotch 3m!

Have fun with your painting projects!

Now we have an announcement to make here...

We are now a diaper free house!!!

Yeah for $50 extra a month!

It really only took Romeo half a day to figure out the whole potty thing because the day after the potty party he woke up and acted as though he has been using the potty forever. 

It was amazing and a blessing...cuz Wild Man was NOT an easy one in this regard.

I still have nightmares about training him. 

I will never forget the day that Mr. Genius called me to say that he is the final 2 for this job in Chicago. While I was talking to him Wild Man peed on our fridge and Romeo started dancing in the puddle that was forming on the ground.

But I do have to share with you one quick story that happened today.

Tuesdays are my Bible Study days and as I was dropping off the boys off in their rooms, one of Romeo's teachers (who knew we were going to work on potty training) asked Romeo if he was using the big boy potty.

Well Romeo was so excited and proud of his accomplishments he wanted to show her is big boy underwear. 

But instead of pulling down just his pants to show his big boy underwear he pulling down his underwear too...to his ankles.

But to make it even more amusing, he raised both arms in the air and yelled "TA DA". While showing at least 20 people all that God has given him. 

Here is the clean version of today's event.

Ah, the joys of being 3 and uninhibited.  

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