Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Scotch Blue 3m Painters Tape Giveaway

I have had kind of a love/hate relationship with painters tape ever since we owned our first home and I picked up my first paint brush.

When it worked great I love that it helped me keep a straight line about the trim, but most of the time it was more work then what it was worth.

It takes a lot of time to tape around the trim in a whole room and then A LOT of the time the paint would drip underneath the tape and I ended up painting the trim anyways.

A couple of years ago I gave up on painters tape.

So when Scotch contacted me to do a preview of their new Painter Tape with Edge Lock Paint line protector. I rather reluctantly said ok.

I had prepared myself to be disappointed in the product.

Scotch then sent me a little goodie box to get me started on my painting project.

Well I would be lying if I say I didn't get a little excited about getting a package in the mail. Those are always fun.

You have already seen a preview of the room I chose to try out this product....

My half bath.

This is the before...

Actually this is the picture Mr. Genius took as we were having our final walkthrough of the house before purchasing it. I just have to say that because it is a pet peeve of mine to have the toilet seat up.

Ever since I heard about how high toilet water can shoot up in the air when you flush...*shutter*...I make sure that thing is closed when we flush it...I say we cuz I am teaching Wild Man that toilet seats belong in the down position as soon as we are done.

*On a side note Romeo's potty training starts tomorrow. We are having a potty party and then the fun begins. *shutter*

Prayers please.

So here is the room all taped up.

Notice the closed toilet, because that was the only change we have done to this room when we moved in. 

The room may look a little yellower. That would be due to the overcast days ALL WINTER LONG in Chicago I can't get a good picture right now. 

 After the room was all taped up and my helpers helped me paint the room.

Then I kept the tape up for a little over a day in case I found spots I needed to touch up.

Then the tape came up so smoothly!

And it really worked on keeping the paint out from dripping underneath!

Seriously the stuff worked!

I was a little shocked to be perfectly honest. 

So who wants to get their own roll of 3m Scotchs Painter Tape with Edge Lock Paint line protector?!

Well you all have a really good chance of winning, cuz 16 of you will be able to win a roll!

That is right 16 of you!

I am leaving the entry simple.

Just leave me a comment telling me what project you are going to work on with your painters tape and you have entered to win!

Simple right?

Right now I am all about simplicity!

It may be because I am scared about potty training again, or it is because I feel like I want to throw out half the stuff in my house due to being stuck in here too much this winter already. 

Whatever the reason...just enjoy it!

Good Luck!

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