Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fantsy Fancade Winner and some great posts

Lets start off with our winner, shall we?

The winner of the Fantsy Fancade Pioneer molding for their own medicine cabinet is...

 Christina from Mommy undune, who said...
Oh wow! What a great update!!
Love this

Enjoy Christina!

Now, I haven't worked on a project in over 3 weeks!

I think that was some sort of record for me!

When I couldn't take it any longer I decided to go on a start on our half bath that is on the main floor.

I am not done yet, but I have had some helpers.

I have a little more to do before I will reveal. A little more trim, a little more putty, and a little more paint. It will makes sense later, I promise.

Now to make this an even more random post....

There have been two blog posts that I have read over the past week that I was all, Amen Sister!

One was from Shelly from House of Smith's.

She wrote a tutorial on how you can help us send back some comment love!

Please read this! I can't tell you how many times I have had readers leave me a comment with a question and I have no way of answering it!

I had one just yesterday who wanted to know how to contact one of my previous sponsors. I can't get a hold of her because I can't reply back to her comment and she doesn't seem to have a blog on her profile.

Trust me you will have more bloggers answer your questions if you follow this very simple tutorial.

The second post I want to bring to your attention is from Christa at Stories of a House,

She just wrote a post about Craiglist and dealing with the buyers and sellers. I can't even tell you how many times I have had people ask me about if I feel unsafe selling my furniture on Craigslist. The answer is NO! Christa wrote how you listen to your inner voice, use common sense and generally everyone she has met is normal... just like you and me.

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