Monday, January 3, 2011

Fantsy Fancade Giveaway and Review

Do you or someone you know have one of these in their bathroom?

Although medicine cabinets are really functional. They aren't always the prettiest things to look at.

Fantsy Fancade came up with an awesome solution.

They make beautiful frames to slide right onto your medicine cabinet door. They come in a lot styles and finishes.

They even sale a door organizer!

I was able to do a review on one of their frames and luckily I have a friend of mine that lives in the cutest bungaloo style home that was built more then 50 years ago. I just LOVE their home.

When I first got the frame I was completely impressed by the quality that this frame was made. Truly the work of someone that has been doing this for years.

My friends had a medicine cabinet that was sided with two flourescent lights.

Mr. Genius helped them to remove the flouresant lights.

Then we just slide the frame right on. It comes with some sticky foam pieces to hold the frame in place.

It was seriously a 2 minute project!

Now the light fixture that was added on top took a little more then 2 minutes.

So let's recap. 



Now would you like to win one for you or for someone you know?!

Up for grabs is the Pioneer molding in the finish of your choosing.

Click here for the choices of finishes.

All you have to do to enter for this giveaway is to leave a comment.

If you want you can tell me if you will use it for yourself or tell me who you know could use this frame.

Good Luck!

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