Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Winterberry Cottage Giveaway

Today I want to introduce you to one of my sponsors.
Winterberry Cottage

You really need to check our her etsy shop!

She makes prints on vintage music or dictionary pages. Now matter your style you will love something she has. 

Just look at a small fraction of the fun prints that she has.

Just the right touch of wimsy.

And look she even has a Christmas collection.

An Alice in Wonderland one!

I am a sucker for Flor de lis

I love the ones in color too!

It is giveaway time!!!

One person will win any 5 prints.

Any 5 prints people!!!

You can use them as gifts to all the lovely people in your life or just keep them all for yourself...No one will know if you are selfish or not. I promise I won't tell. ;)

Now I will admit I am a creature of habit and I would usually do my giveway the normal way. The leave a comment and you have an entry.

But today I am going to break out of my shell and we are going to try something different.

You have one chance to enter into this giveaway.

Are you ready for it?


You will need to repost on your own blog about this giveaway and then come here and leave a comment with a link to your post.

Become a follower to find out if you have won.

You got it?

So go forth and post about this giveaway and be thinking about where in your house these prints would look the best. Oh wait I mean who you would be giving these as gifts.

Good Luck!

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