Thursday, November 11, 2010

A winner and an Acheivement!

It is that time to announce the winner of the Silhouette products!

Commenter Number 24 is....

Blogger Megan from Being Elgin

Megan said...

Cute magnet!! Maybe I need something like that hanging in my pantry.... And I guess this would be entry number 1!

Congrats Megan!

Now I have something that is exciting for me to share with you.

That will be, my car... in the garage!!!


Ok, now it can snow, my car will stay warm in the garage. Well I really don't want it to start snowing, but I feel a smidge more prepared now.

But now I need to show you a reason that Mr. Genius may need to change his name to Mr. Awesome.

The reason I can park in the garage was due to Mr. Genius' Awesomeness. I was out running errands like normally do on Sunday afternoon and when I came back I noticed that there as a vacancy in place where all my pieces of furniture were to enable me to park. Then I noticed this...

A wall of plastic to block off the other side of the garage.

This is what the other side of the plastic looks like.

Look at all the space I didn't realize we had until it was all cleaned out. I would have taken a picture if I knew that there was going to be an after shot when I got home.

Here is another angle of the area. I have a dresser and a buffet with hutch to work on and now I have the room to do it! Whoo Hoooo!

I also have to work on a little organizational skills.

So Yay for Mr. Genius/Awesome!!

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