Monday, August 23, 2010

Grocery Shrink Giveaway

Giveaway is now closed.

Who would like to have more money in their budget to be able to buy more of this...

or splurge on a new pair of shoes...

Hahaha, could you imagine cleaning the house in those shoes?

I think I would rather cut off my right pinky toe. Then again if I wore those, it may cut them off for me.

I am curious what the designer was thinking about when he made these shoes. 

These shoes are more my style.

I don't know about your household but it is a special treat if I get to go into this store and not just look at the deep clearance section.

Needless to say I think all of us would love to have some extra cash.

Mr. Genius and I have recently started a Dave Ramsey class.

Not because we are in deep debt, because honestly we are not. We started Dave Ramsey to get on a strict monthly budget.

It has been great for us! We haven't had one fight about money...and that my friends is a miracle.

When we first started going over our budget, we know that one of the best areas to cut out some money is in the grocery part of the budget.

I have been a couponer for a couple of years now, but we still needed to cut it down some more.

And for this reason, I am so glad that Angela from the Grocery Shrink is one of my Sponsors!

Let me tell you, Angela really knows how to save her pennies when it comes to groceries, let alone how to pay off debt. Angela and her husband paid off $89,000 in debt in 6 months!


Now just sit back and ask yourself right now what you would do if you didn't have a house payment. Wouldn't that just be awesome?!

One of the main ways that helped them pay off their debt was tricks she learned to cut down their grocery bill.

Angela thinks that spending $50 per person per month on your grocery budget is completely doable.

Now picked your jaw up off the floor and stop shaking your head in disbelief and saying there is no way I can feed my family of 4 of just $200 a month!

Angela has an ebook that will tell you easy and practical steps to do just that.

Angela's ebook is seriously a wealth of information on how to save money on your grocery bill.

I learned a lot... and I have always been a very frugal person!

She shows you how to organize your grocery list, and a weekly meal plan along with a monthly meal plan.

Meal planning is IMPERATIVE in saving money on your grocery bill.

She also shows you how to plan out your pantry and stock it up which will in turn save you lots of money.

She even gives you great recipes that use simple ingredients...and they are good tasting recipes!

So people are you at least curious on how you can save some money today to either pay off debt or get that lamp of Home Goods you have been eying?

Well Angela is being so generous and giving away 3 of her ebooks to my readers!

Are you excited?

I will announce the 3 winners on Friday!

You can have up to three entries in the giveaway. Leave a separate comment for each entry.

1. Leave me a comment here.

2. Become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me about it.

3. Go over the Grocery Shrink and sign up for her newsletter. Trust me you will not regret that one. She will send lots of great info. Like how to make your own cleaner. Then leave me another comment letting me know that you did.

Alright everyone, good luck!

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