Sunday, July 4, 2010

I love me some stencils

 Giveaway is now over! Thanks for playing!

Cutting edge stencils, who sells wall stencils is one of my awesome sponsors.

Janna sent me the Allium Gladiator stencil to try out.

Coincidentally just a few weeks prior I found this little chest of drawers for $5 at a garage sale and thought about painting a stencil on it.

The picture just does not show it true state. It was pretty beat up.

I sanded and spray primed the chest of drawers and then painted it the same green that I used on my frames in the guest room.

Then I just placed the stencil on top and secured it with some tape. Oh and I also laid the cabinet down on its side too. I thought that would make it easier.

I wanted the stencil to not be too white so I mixed white and a little bit of brown paint to tone down the white.

And of course like it always happens after it was all done. I found a big jar off white paint in the basement. I need to take a detailed inventory of what is down there. Any takers on doing that job?!

Anywho, on the instructions that came with the stencil is said that you need to use a Styrofoam rounded edge roller.

Which I would also highly recommend. Using anything else will catch on the stencil and move it. And no one wants a smudged allium flower. So  in my little bit of experience using wall stencils use a rounded edge Styrofoam roller.

Now my peeps I have to tell you, THE most important thing to do to make your stencil painting look perfect. I am being serious you CAN NOT skip this part.

You need to blot the excess paint on a cloth towel, paper towel or your pants what ever you have handy.

I have to confess I did not do this the first time and the stencil painting just looked awful. Luckily I could just wipe the white paint right off and start all over. But if I did that to a wall. I would not have had a second chance.

Yay, for second chances!

I also moved the stencil down to make a second flower.

Then I wiped on some stain to tone down the green, then sprayed on some poly...

I got some silver handles from ikea, then marched this baby upstairs to start her photo shoot.

Is it sad that I have more pictures of my house and the stuff in it then my kids? Hum...

Oh well, I think they still love me...atleast today. Tomorrow may be different.

Here is the finished product.

Notice I moved my goodwill project to decorate the top.

I also got this mirror.

Painted it and hung it above the dresser.

Now my guests can see how beautiful and handsome they are before my boys bombard them when they leave this room.

I am REALLY happy with the results. If you do it right it really looks like a vinyl sticker but you can use it over and over.

My friends, I have a giveaway!!

Janna from Cutting Edge Stencil wants one of my readers to have one stencil of
any value up to $40!

There are so many to chose from.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the damask stencils to go all over a wall for some added interest!

Here is the drill.

You can enter this giveaway up to three times!
1. Leave me a comment and tell me how your 4th of July went.
2. become a follower of my blog and leave me a comment telling me so.
3. Go to Cutting Edge Stencil and tell me which stencil you would like to win.

Now I hope everyone has a wonderful 4th of July, be safe.

I am posting to these parties.


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