Friday, May 21, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner

So the winner of the Where there is a will there is a way giveaway from is....

Comment #12 which is,
Emi at Jandeecrafts.

Congrats Emi!

Don't forget Katie was generous to also give my readers a 10% discount code WY83JYXX. The code is only good for one week which will end next Friday, May 28th.

So go to and get your will now, it is really important.


In other news, Mr. Genius took the day off today. So we took the boys out.

Lets see if this has this every happened to any of you?

Romeo decided to climb up the climbing gym.

Then he waited til he was in the most inconvenient place that was just out of our reach to stop.

And he stayed there....

No matter what we bribed him with...he still stayed there.

Unfortunately I try my best to stay away from constricting places...and I had on low riding jeans.

After almost 20 minutes of trying to persuade Romeo, Mr Genius finally just went in for the rescue.

Romeo was so giddy when he got out. Like we finally did what he had planned the whole time.

Sigh... are we two years old or what?!


This post was brought to by Tippr.

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