Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review and a Giveaway

So I got my product from!

It is the Droog Sucker.

Kooky, cool name...kooky, cool product.

The main thing I liked about this product was that you do not have to use screws to stick to the wall to hang thing up on it.

I also liked how big it was. I don't really know what I was expecting but it was quite bigger then I thought.

The box came during the boys nap time.

I immediately opened it up and stuck it on the wall.

To stick it on the wall... well, you put it on the wall and then you push the middle in to cause suction and it sticks.

Easy, peasy.

Very easy to use. So when the boys got up they wanted to play with it.

See it is so easy even a Wild Man can do it!!

Then what Wild Man does, Romeo must do also.

Yep, even a Romeo can do it.

They found it prudent to hang up monster truck tracks on it and then do a kooky dance to celebrate.

Although the best part of the Droog isn't the fact that it could hold up monster truck tracks, but that it makes a boys favorite sound when pushing down the middle part.

Why it makes a farting sounds.

This sound alone brought hours of entertainment in this house....hours...of entertainment. I had to explain to them that the Droog is not a toy to make farting sounds but something that is suppose to stick on the wall and be left...alone.

After convincing Wild Man that we need to leave the sucker alone he thought of the best place that would benefit him.

To protect his candy dish that we use for his discipline/rewards through out the day.

He gets points for thinking outside the box.

After convincing Wild Man that his candies were safe I used the Sucker in other, more inside the box, ways.

On the Droog box it states that it is works best on smooth surfaces.

That is very true.

I tried in on my refrigerator to hang my apron.

But it fell. If I had a stainless steel fridge I think it would have worked fine.

Then I tried to hang my boys coats in our coat and shoe closet.

After a few minutes, it fell.

So then I tried the shower.

It worked great!

Then I hung the boys coat on our back door that is glass. It stayed there for more then 24 hours! It only came off when little hands took it off.

To make the farting sound of course. I mean why else would they use it?

So now onto the giveaway.

CSN the parent company of would like to give one of you a Droog to play around with and if you have boys... you have been warned with how it will really be used. ;)

So leave me a comment with how you would like to use the Droog in your house and I will announce the winner on Friday, April 4th.

Good Luck!

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